Dyeing and Botanical Printing

Kristy offers a limited number of classes in her Portland, OR studio and prepares kits for home workshops guided by an interactive online platform. Two workshops are currently open for registration... One studio workshop (July 6-9) and one home workshop, scroll down on page.

Botanical Printing

+ Natural Dye

Portland, OR

July 6-9, 2017

Four day in-depth study of botanical printing and the abundant variety of results that can be acheived with mordants, natural dyes and modifiers.

Botanical print on madder dyed silk by student Marina, 2017.

Botanical print on madder dyed silk by student Marina, 2017.

Students will learn to recognize and control the three key properties in leaves that result in successful botanical prints... Pigment, tannin, and the ability to discharge.

The focus of the workshop is botanical printing and learning how to achieve desired results on a variety of fabrics. Students will also learn proper mordant techniques for silk and wool fabrics, and how to work with natural dyes and dye extracts, in order to prepare fabrics for printing.

Dates: Thursday - Sunday, July 6-9

Time: 9:30am - 4:00pm (often we work later)

Cost: $480 class fee + $250 materials + $125 lab.   Total= $855, payment options available

To register: email Kristy opulentfibers@me.com

Registration closed.

Natural dyes used in this workshop include but are not limited to, logwood, madder, cochineal, weld, chestnut and indigo.

Student materials list:

  • plants for printing... suggestions will be sent out a week before class
  • gloves to protect from steam and a heavier pair to protect hands while wrapping bundles
  • notebook, pen, sharpie,
  • utility scissors (not your best fabric shears)
  • lunch and a refillable water bottle
  • large white or off-white sheet, preferably cotton (bring 2 if possible)
"This class was so exciting and just opened up the world of eco printing and natural dyeing to me!" -Hillary 2016

Botanical Printing

+ Natural Dye

Home Workshop

Summer 2017


Learn the same techniques taught in the studio version of this workshop from the comfort of your own home. This workshop includes all of the same lessons and fabrics used in the class taught in Kristy's studio.

With a user friendly forum for online support from Kristy and chat rooms for sharing, participants will be able to see results of other students as we work through a series of lessons. The resulting samples are and encyclopedia of information on botanical printing and relate specifically to the native and readily available flora in your own neighborhood... Good note taking on fellow students' results will add even more to the bounty of information gathered from this workshop!

The lessons are easily completed in a kitchen environment (although working outdoors can be very satisfying!) and requires no more than a some large pots for steaming, spoons, bowls, bucket and colander. A complete list of equipment required for steaming fabrics will go out to students mid June with links to purchase online. Budget and additional $100 for equipment if you need to purchase the entire list new. Thrift stores will be a great resource for these items as well.

Dates: Kits mail the first week in July, Online platform opens July 6th

Online schedule: Students will be presented with new lessons every day to every other day for the first two weeks after starting. The lessons can be completed by students AT ANY TIME through August for instructor feedback. Active discussions online will end at that time, but the resource of video demonstrations, PDF lessons, student's photos and discussions will remain on the site for several months. If you are unable to get to the discussions during our active work time, the resource will be there for you when you are ready or as a review at a later date.

Cost: $455 Class and materials fee + $18 shipping US. Actual shipping rates apply outside of the US

To register: email Kristy opulentfibers@me.com

Natural dyes used in this workshop include but are not limited to, logwood, madder, cochineal, weld, chestnut and indigo.



Leave this part up to me... A full fabric kit is supplied with the workshop. All fabrics will be pre-mordanted and pre-dyed as required for the lessons.

Students will print mostly on 100% silk noil fabric with more luxurious fabrics supplied for the end of each lesson... silk charmeuse, silk jersey, wool, etc.

Instructions for mordanting and dyeing are included in the lessons and will be discussed and taught for future projects. Recommendations for suppliers are included.


This is the fun part!

Students work through dozens of bundling techniques and learn successful components to creating beautiful prints. Post print modifiers to alter and enhance prints are supplied for specific lessons. Students work through the same lesson sequence in the home version as we do in the studio class.

Surprise... INDIGO!- Students will mix their own organic indigo vat to use as a modifier for prints. All ingredients and easy to follow instructions included.



Gather online with Kristy and other students to share results. Form an encyclopedia of knowledge from the information you collect on plants and results from all participants.

The online platform is easy to use and can be accessed 24/7 with active discussions going through August to ensure time for every student to share and receive feedback.