Kristy teaches at home and abroad, as well through an interactive online platform where students work in their own homes and studios. Registration for home workshops (materials provided) is available below.

June 2019- late June workshops in Kristy’s Portland, OR studio. Stone Vessels, June 23 and Texture Techniques + Flowers, June 27-30

September 2019- Atelier Fiberfusing, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Complex Materials

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Complex Materials


Complex Materials

Home workshop with online support and chatroom class discussions.

This is an advanced workshop focused on exploring layered needled wool that incorporates silk and dyed fibers.  Three yards of material are shipped in the kit; ½ yard lengths of each variety for creating striking compositions with new and contrasting colors.


PREREQUISITE: Texture Techniques with Needled Wool is required. Please do not register for this home workshop without the prerequisite course. You will not be enrolled if the first course has not been taken in the studio or as a home workshop... Petals, Tendrils, and Vines is recommended but not required. There are many techniques in that course that can be used with the bounty of materials supplied in the Complex Materials kit. 

This workshop runs a bit differently than the first two. It is a MATERIAL FOCUSED workshop that does not have prepared projects. Rather, students are encouraged to use their skills from the previous course to create their compositions. TIPS and TECHNIQUES for working with each material are provided in the online platform and discussion areas are available for sharing ideas and uploading photos for feedback.

Materials included (photos are a good representation of the variety):
• ½ yard each heavy-weight black and white to be used for backgrounds
• ½ yard heavy-weight natural white richly clad on both sides with bombyx silk

• materials and video tutorials for adding crisp black lines to outer edges of fins
• ½ yard layered dark/colored thin prefelts with a layer of silk fabric (learn how the fibers blend and cutting techniques for exposing crisp lines)

• ½ yard layered white/light thin prefelts with inner layer of silk fabric and surface fibers (learn how surface embellishments are integrated and revealed)
• ½ yard heavy-weight black needled wool layered with white silk fabric (working with thin, contrasting lines)


Frequently Asked Questions:

HOW ARE THE MATERIALS PRODUCED? The layered materials are produced on a light industrial needling machine made by FeltLoom. They are made in-house at Kristy's studio.

CAN I PURCHASE THESE MATERIALS? Students who have completed the workshop can order materials through a secure portal on the website. Upon registration, you will be issued a password to access this area of the webstore.

CAN I MAKE THE MATERIALS ON MY OWN? Yes! Working by hand will take more time than it takes to make them on a machine, but it can be done successfully. Before the studio was equipped with the FeltLoom, all layered materials were made by hand using a multi-needle felting tool. Multi-needle tools are available from specialty suppliers and a 12+ needle tool will work best for large areas.



The first session begins early November.

Upon registration, a kit will be mailed within a week. Upon delivery of the kit, an email invitation to join the online classroom will be sent. Once you log into the classroom, the fun will begin! Students have a place to post questions and results of the lessons for instructor feedback. The platform is easy to use and communication can be tailored to each students needs.


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