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Flower Tutorial V.1


Flower Tutorial V.1


Sort of a Rose + More like a Mum

Tutorial link sent for immediate download upon purchase.

This is the first flower tutorial I developed (2016) for creating richly textured sculptures from standard weight prefelt. I started producing these flowers (and kits for them) about the same time that I began work on my white textured wall pieces. The construction techniques play off of each other, but are unique in their own ways.

If you are wondering which flower tutorial would be the best to purchase, I recommend the techniques in the newer version (Flowers Tutorial or Flowers Kit), for simplicity of construction, detailed instruction/videos, and instructor feedback from the online classroom. However, I think this is also a great way to make flowers, which is why I continue to offer it as a tutorial download. There is a lot to be said for having a quick tutorial to download and get started on, rather than the online classroom format. The price difference in the two tutorials reflects the extensive video demonstrations in the new version as well as it’s ingenious construction techniques (believe me!!).

This tutorial details construction of the flower structure (like I said, very different construction than the other flowers I teach) and variations on cutting and forming petals to create a mum and a rose. It also includes additional pages of tutorial for a semi-rigid stem that is felted around plastic tubing.

Required materials for the flowers:

  • ¼ yard prefelt (150g/meter) in flower color

  • small square of prefelt in alternating color for center

  • 4g of carded wool (for ball in center)

  • small poly hairband (buy a pack at Walgreens for $1.99 and you will have enough to make hundreds!)

  • needle felting and wet felting set-up

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Flowers are created from standard weight prefelt (150g/meter or so). Because the original tutorial shipped with a kit, and now it is offered as a tutorial download only, you will be cutting your own prefelt strips. This is done easily freehand with a pair of scissors, or with a straight-edge and roller cutter, as shown at left.

The strips are cut, then trimmed to fit a pattern (in your download), needle felted into a single piece, and finally wet felted and sculpted into a finished piece.

After learning the techniques for making the flower, you will see the technique has many applications in felting, outside of this circular form. Adding textures to wearable pieces, vessels, and even wall art are some of the most easily imagined examples.