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Kristy teaches at home and abroad, as well through an interactive online platform where students work in their own homes and studios. Registration for home workshops (materials provided) is available below.

October 2019- A month of events in Portland… Workshops, exhibitions, and two open studios. All details can be found here.

September 2019- Atelier Fiberfusing, Amsterdam, Netherlands

September 2019- Slovenia. Sept. 24-27 in the Soca Valley. Email for information on this four day course.

Flowers Tutorial


Flowers Tutorial


Flower Power!

Tutorial with online video instruction and chatroom feedback with instructor.

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Includes extensive video demonstrations, pdf tutorials to download and print, and instructor feedback. There are no materials shipped with this item. If you wish to purchase the instructions with a materials kit, click here.

Images are representational only. You will need to supply your own prefelt for this tutorial.

You will receive an email to join the online classroom within one business day of registering. I have used the online classroom format for several years and find that it is a fantastic way students to learn, connect, and work at their own pace.

FLOWER POWER: After almost four years of development on this flower, I am SO excited to have nailed down the perfect formula of materials and methods to share with you. The home workshop teaches my unique dry construction methods and wet-felting process for complex sculptural flower forms.

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Brilliant idea and wonderful instructions. Kristy you are an amazing engineer!
— Carol Ingram, hosted Kristy to teach fall of 2018

Level: All levels welcome. This will be a new way of working with wool for most felters (all that I have met so far). From the newest to the most experienced felter, everyone will learn something new that has many applications in other types of work (wearables, vessels, etc.).

The lessons are taught with laminated pre-felt that I create in-house. Each lesson develops in complexity with the addition of multiple color and design elements. Students are taught how to work with the laminated materials supplied, how to work with their own created at home, and how to work with commercially available pre-felt of various weights. All of the techniques can be re-created with materials available from your favorite fiber/ felting supplier. I also sell my laminated pre-felt on the website (uploading Dec. 1).

The basic steps for creating this type of work are:
• Preparation of materials
• Dry assembly: Needle felting
• Wetting/bonding, wet felting
• Finishing and setting the shape

Techniques used for this flower are what is taught in this tutorial. It just takes a little practice to get here.

Techniques used for this flower are what is taught in this tutorial. It just takes a little practice to get here.

Students will need to supply:

  • prefelt in a variety of colors (one meter total is plenty)

  • Merino top in matching and complimentary colors (20g for each of three lessons)

  • gloves for wet felting

  • gelatin sizing to set the shape (optional)

  • foam pad for needle felting

  • three needle felting tool- you can order one with your kit if needed

  • scissors, full size, strong, sharp

  • water (warm and hot), soap and towels for the wet felting portion of the lessons

Students will need to provide all of the materials and supplies for this instruction only version of the Flower Workshop. Within one business day, an invitation to join the online classroom will be sent. Once you log into the classroom, the fun will begin! There you will find a place to post questions and results of the lessons and receive instructor feedback. The platform is easy to use and communication can be tailored to each students needs. The online classroom remains open for many months… more likely, years. There is no rush to complete.

International students are welcome to register. All tutorials and videos are in English.