Kristy teaches at home and abroad, as well through an interactive online platform where students work in their own homes and studios. Registration for home workshops (materials provided) is available below.

March 2019- Felter's Rendezvous, Colorado USA

April 2019- Fibre Arts Australia, Balarat • Fibre Arts New Zealand

May 2019- Mendocino Arts Center, Mendocino, California

September 2019- Atelier Fiberfusing, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Stone Vessel


Stone Vessel


Limited Edition of 100 Felted Stone Vessels

I am producing a limited edition of these “stone” vessels as a support campaign for my studio move… As glorious as this new adventure is, it was an unexpected expense and the new studio needed a few major updates to function properly for felting. Proceeds from this limited series of felted stone vessels will build the foundation of the new space.

This series will be in production and ship through the end of February. Orders will ship random vessels, but if you a note of color preference (light, medium, dark), I will be happy to select as requested. Orders of multiple vessels will be selected as natural complimenting companions.

Each handmade vessel contains a small tuft of flax berries grown in the garden of the old studio space. I love the idea of sending them out to my friends and supporters and encourage you to plant the seeds and enjoy the beautiful plant with such an important role in our textile history, and local, Willamette Valley, textile production as well.

THANK YOU for your support with this move!!

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About the new studio…

I am excited to announce that I have moved to a commercial studio in downtown Gladstone, Oregon. The new space is a freestanding building with two stories, a covered outdoor working patio and yard space. The rooms are filled with natural light and fruit trees surround the building. … It is a dream production and teaching studio.

With this move, I’m looking forward to more productive work time and the ability to host workshops again without the constraints of hosting students in a home studio environment. I am also able to have the FeltLoom in the main workspace, and will be sharing more of the techniques I use with this machine in master classes. Classes in the new space will begin this summer, ‘19.

And, one more major highlight… Showroom! The drafty barn I’ve been working in for years has never been a suitable space to store and display finished work. In the new “Studio KK”, walls are filling with current work and samples for upcoming projects. Clients and friends are invited to schedule visits to see available pieces and discuss ideas for commissions…. I will keep the kettle on for you ♥