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Kristy teaches at home and abroad, as well through an interactive online platform where students work in their own homes and studios. Registration for home workshops (materials provided) is available below.

October 2019- A month of events in Portland… Workshops, exhibitions, and two open studios. All details can be found here.

September 2019- Atelier Fiberfusing, Amsterdam, Netherlands

September 2019- Slovenia. Sept. 24-27 in the Soca Valley. Email for information on this four day course.

Texture Kit


Texture Kit


Texture Techniques with Needled Wool

Home workshop with online video support and chatroom class discussions.

Registration is open and ongoing. Kits are prepared in small batches. Upon registration, your kit will be mailed (may take a week depending on my travel schedule) and an email will be sent with login instructions to the online classroom. 

In this workshop, rich textures in wool felt are acheived by assembling thick sheets of needled wool and wet felting them into a tightly bonded fabric.

For each lesson, students are supplied with all of the required materials, tutorials, and online video demonstrations to successfully learn the new techniques. Each student's unique design will emerge from the way materials are shaped, cut, and formed.

The basic steps for creating this type of work are:
• Preparation of materials
• Dry assembly: Needle felting
• Wetting/bonding, wet felting
• Finishing and setting the shape

Kits include printed tutorials and materials for each lesson, a multi-needle felting tool and extra needles, samples of prepared material and properly fulled felt to gauge one's work, gloves for wet felting. Students will need to supply a foam pad for needle felting, scissors, and water, soap and towels for the wet felting portion of the lessons.

Upon delivery of your kit, an email invitation to join the online classroom will be sent. Once you log into the classroom, the fun will begin! Students have a place to post questions and results of the lessons for instructor feedback. The platform is easy to use and communication can be tailored to each students needs.


"Thank you for the note this morning Kristy, exciting things happening at your studio! And much gratitude to you for packaging and running this course. Also much appreciation to all classmates who created and shared work which is always great to see." -Candice

"This was a wonderful class!!   I loved the sculptural technique!!  I received my big box yesterday full of the heavyweight natural prefelt as well as several colors in the lightweight prefelt including a kit for the alternate flower. Can't wait to get started!  A big THANK YOU to Kristy!!" -Marlene

"Loved every minute of the class. It was gr-r-reat! (The noble bard Shakespeare is often quoted, but the immortal words of Tony the Tiger are too often overlooked.)  Thanks so much, and please do more online workshops. It was a great (er, I mean "gr-r-reat") experience, and the work-at-home format was ideal. I look forward to "seeing" a lot of you again in other classes. " -Becky

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